too traumatized.

Its 3.40am, but i can't sleep. My heart is beating way too fast now. :(

I just had a rather traumatizing drive home. First, i nearly hit into a taxi which was in my blind spot while i was changing lane to my left, and i didn't turn to check. I was going at quite a fast speed, and it was close. ziwei, so sorry i gave you a scare! =/  then, when i was alone, i noticed a small cockroach crawling on my steering wheel, and i was super freaked out. Parked my car at the side of the road and tried to kill it, but my fear overcame me, and it dropped onto me! Panicked, and brushed it away quickly, and it disappeared. :(  I hope its dead, or it ran out of my car. 
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when i get too bored.

Studying for MGO, but i don't feel like looking at it anymore. I've only completed 1 of 5 chapters. I'm so screwed. :(

A lot has been happening recently, some good, some not so good. Looking back, i'm not even sure if i did the right thing by saying it out. Maybe i should have kept it to myself; then maybe things wouldn't end up like this. I wish our friendships are strong enough to withstand this hurdle, and i really hope things change for the better soon.

because it means a lot to me. 

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the more we get together.

I see i haven't been updating for almost two weeks, and i seem to have so much to talk about! 

First and foremost, the trip to Riders Lodge was awesome! As it was my 2nd time there, and i had 2 lessons the other time, i took my 3rd and 4th lesson this time round, and it was great! i could feel myself improving a little with trotting, and i was really happy. Of course, it would be more ideal if i could get more practice, but its a hobby that is way too costly to maintain. haha. Nevertheless, i'll be looking forward to my next trip! Just want to thank my uncle and aunt, and my three lovely cousins for bringing me there and letting me be a part of it. :)

Been catching quite a few movies, and so far i've enjoyed all the movies! Watched 9, G-Force, The Ugly Truth and Inglourious Basterds, all within the past two weeks. All four movies were just awesome, and with great company too! 

A Red Carpet Affair, a dinner & dance organised by UB-SIM, happened last friday, on the 18th. It was really fun, and i truly enjoyed myself. Well, i don't get to dress up, put make-up and do my hair often, and its quite a nice feeling to do so once in a while. :) I must say it was a pricey indulgence, but without dears like joyce, kerri and jun, it wouldnt have been possible. Thank you girls for lending me your various stuff. :) The night was really fun, and i've my "two dates", deuel and sean to thank too! the two of them were such gentlemen that evening. ;)

Also, i finally went to Pulau Ubin! many ppl were surprised to know that it was my first time at pulau ubin. lol. well, i'm quite a mountain tortoise, i must admit. Anyways it was really fun to cycle in ubin! I especially liked the down slopes on normal terrain, where i dont have to hold my brakes and i could just let my bike take me, with the wind blowing into my face. It was great! The two guys were great company, as usual. :D

Alrighty, i'd better get started with my revision!!  I'm feeling sooooo sleepy. Haven't been sleeping well recently, and its quite rare for a pig like me, i must say. what is wrong with me! :(

it might be true.

Its the end of the second week of school already. Trying to catch up with schoolwork, and tell myself that its time to study harder! Anyways i caught two movies this week- Time Traveller's Wife and The Final Destination. One was really romantic and sweet, and the other really gory and disgusting. Joyce, Qing and i were like screaming and holding onto each other so tightly! Haha. 

Had nasi lemak buffet at Kent Ridge Guild House on tuesday, and the new place was so pretty! So, we met up with kean for dinner last night, before he goes into NS on monday. :)  we had korean food at Nolboo in Orchard Central. It was my first time there, but i don't think there's much to do there. Anyways dinner and the company was great! 

I'm going horse-riding later! :D

busy bee!

Unknowingly, I haven't updated for 2 weeks already! First week of school just ended, and work is starting to pile up already. Quizzes coming up next week! 

So, what did i do during my last week of holidays? Went for UB Fall '09 Orientation and was the gamemaster for one of the stations. It was fun! Although i didn't get to meet as many ppl as i would if i were an ogl, its still great to be part of orientation. :) After orientation, michelle, ben, ziwei and i went for dinner at food republic and that was the place where ben bought us teh bing that made us super hyper for the rest of the night. the two of us just kept laughing non-stop, even during the movie! it was absolutely crazy! We watched Management, which i thought was an okay show. Nothing fantastic, but quite romantic. 

After work on wed, the usual three of us went for crystal jade buffet at holland v! The xiao long baos that night were really yummy, all of them had a lot of soup in it! After a super filling dinner/supper, we walked around the area and inside cold storage for a while before heading home. :)

Friday was a really busy day! Michelle invited us to her birthday lunch at Swensens located at ION and we had lunch and ice-cream buffet! The food was yummy and ice-cream was good too! There was a lot of variety and i had a fun time picking the flavours and toppings i wanted. I love the chocolate fondue there! :D  Then, we wanted to catch the movie UP, but there were no seats left, so we ended up at Selegie playing L4D! In the evening, i met Naz at Lido and we caught Orphan together. It was a traumatizing but great movie. Dinner at Sakura at far east and then we joined the comms ppl at clarke quay for some drinks. :)

Another L4D session with zy and ben on sat at clementi! And, we had a drinking session at Conrad International, all thanks to andrew! the hotel is so pretty and luxurious, and the pillows are super comfy! we made some new friends, including someone from Japan, and it was really interesting to converse with him! we also brought him to geylang for supper and he was quite scared of the frog legs, but he liked the beef hor fun! :) 

This week, we watched Moon @ Cathay Picturehouse, which was an interesting movie, went to Daily scoop with lea and en, finally went to Timbre at the Arts House, sleepover with my cousins and watched HSM3,  watched a ballet concert at NUS UCC last night, and went for supper with the guys at west coast! I've so much to talk about, but i don't feel like typing anymore! 

Company of great friends- priceless.

Zuoyuan and Ben came over to play squash this morning. A very big thank you to Caroline for her rackets! Without her rackets, we wouldn't have been able to play. It was fun, fun, fun! The feeling after a workout is always great! And i'll never forget how zy laughed out loud when the ball hit my head. lol. With friends like this, who needs enemies? :p

After a yummy lunch at EAT, we went to video king to rent the movie Shutter and to cold storage to buy chips and popcorn. It all started when we were out having supper at geylang two days ago, and we were talking about movies, and the two guys mentioned that they have yet to watch Shutter. At my place, we set up everything, opened the packet of chips, put the popcorn into the microwave, prepared drinks, and we were finally ready for our horror movie. Although i've watched the movie before, i couldn't really remember what exactly happened, and i was still scared! haha. As expected, i was the only one screaming away throughout the movie, and it was really embarrassing! The two guys were pretty amused though, and i think them laughing at me totally ruined the atmosphere for themselves. haha! 

It was a cam-happying session once the movie ended! we started off wanting to take a picture of all of us with the movie cover, then we started bringing in more props such as the popcorn box, the packets of chips, and the squash rackets. :D In the evening, the guys were going to watch District 9 with their friends while i had to go grocery shopping with my family, so we said our goodbyes. 

Next up, xiao long bao buffet!

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because we share the same love.

Had lunch with my babes yesterday at Jurong Point Din Tai Fung! A pity claire couldn't join us. Anyways, lunch was great! i love the fried rice and xiao long baos! they had this promotion where they had steamed chilli crab dumplings, and it was quite different and yummy! :) after that, we went shopping and then watched a bit of the chinese version of "Don't Forget the Lyrics" live at JP. i had fun with you girls! -hugs-

after dinner at home, ben came to pick me up and we met zuoyuan at old airport road for supper. however, most of the stalls were closed already, so we decided to have dim sum at geylang. After dim sum, we felt that it wasn't filling enough, so we went to have beancurd! their company was great, as always. :)

I'm missing the rest of the UBers already. Caroline, Cassie, Fx, Terrie, Joel, Jesmund and Kenneth, i miss you all. I'm happy to see that you all are doing well over in Buffalo, and i can't wait to join you all in Jan next year. :) 

its the climb.

Orientation dry run on monday at Sentosa was quite fun, and i just can't wait for the actual one on tuesday. Its gonna be a fun-filled day and i'm gonna meet more ppl! :) Had dinner at Modesto's before zuoyuan came to join ben and i at vivocity for the movie UP! it was such an awesome movie, and i enjoyed it a lot! the little boy is so cute! after the movie, we decided to go to Villa Bali for drinks. but i could only drink pink guava juice cos i was driving that night. the two of them had to force themselves to finish two pints of beer and they were so red and bloated after that. hahaha. 

On tuesday, smelly babe and i went shopping at bugis! it was quite a fruitful trip as we bought quite a bit and we were happy girls after that! i love retail therapy! :) we had kfc for lunch cos we were attracted to the spicy drumlets, and takao pachi at ION for tea before heading back earlier cos i had to rush down to work. i ended work at 9pm and super nice ben came to pick me up from my workplace and we headed down to Selegie to play L4D. Its so fun fun fun! i enjoy being the monsters more than the humans, actually. haha. we played for almost 4 hours, i think, all the way till 3am. >.<  thanks guys for the company! 

I see your shadow everywhere i go, no matter how hard i try. I just can't help it. i never want to forget these memories.