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girly time ♥

finally met up with my dear duckie after so long! although we have been seeing each other quite often from all the bees outing, duckie time is different! :)

we settled on korean food in Chinatown for dinner, but we met up earlier, so we went for high tea at TCC first! shared a frappe and waffles, and chit chatted our time away. so hard to get updates from this girl, finally managed to dig out stuff from her. ;)

jess then brought me to the korean place where she recommended. especially loved the spicy tofu soup and fried pork dumplings! :D after dinner, we were so stuffed, so we walked around Chinatown, and started cam-happying! hee.

oh yes, i finally passed duckie her birthday present. hahaha. it has been sooo long. LOL. Hope you like the present, my dear! :)
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