LilmissSunshine♥ (oinkiieee) wrote,

when i'm booooored.

Im currently waiting with my dad at NUH. He had to go for a scan in the morning (which didnt go very smoothly); now waiting for his consulation at 2pm. I am so bored. After what happened this morning, im a little doubtful. :/

On a lighter note, i finally met up with Naz. We've been talking about meeting up since i came back from Buffalo, and i finally passed the bull to him. :) we had jap food for dinner at Vivo as planned. Thanks so much for the treat Naz, my treat next time! We then headed to some place near Prive at keppel to chill. Zuoyuan joined us a little later, and we had fun just talking and catching up. We should do something like this again soon! :)

Yesterday, zy and i finally completed our walk at the Southern Ridges, mainly from Henderson Waves to Hort Park. Although it wasnt a very long walk, the sun was scorching and the weather was enough to tire me out lol. Say hello to Miss Unfit. :p nevertheless, the company made the walk an enjoyable one.

Oh yes, finally managed to try the Marmite chicken that zy has been talking about! Yumyum :D


Alright, 10mins have passed by. Another 1 hour to go. Im back to being bored.

Tags: lovelove:), random, ubers
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