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starting afresh

Okay, i realized that i haven't been blogging since March. That's like what, 5 months ago? o.0 Since the last post, too much has happened, and i'm gonna start afresh, and start blogging frequently all over again! Just a few quick updates, i've been back in Singapore for about 3 months now (and i'm missing Buffalo terribly!!), i've GRADUATED, and i'm currently unemployed. Too much happened in Buffalo, and i guess the pictures on Facebook speak a million words :) 

My last Summer semester in SIM-UB was stressful. Psycholinguistics, Sensation & Perception, and Learning and Memory were 3 KILLER modules, but i had awesome classmates to help me out during study sessions, and most importantly, the bf for spurring me on during those long hours of studying in Macs/Starbucks. :)  Oh man, I miss school already. I miss hanging out with all my dear UBers. 

it has been 3 weeks since graduation. I've been job-hunting, enjoying my break, spending time with the bf, and catching up with everyone. Wish such relaxing times would last longer, but at the same time, i need $$! Hoping to find a suitable job soon. *keeping fingers crossed*

Till next time! 
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