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 Once again, I've been really busy/lazy to blog! Its been two weeks since i last updated, and i've so much to talk about! BUT i think i'm just gonna be lazy again. lol.

Here's what i've done for the past 2 weeks:
- afternoon tea + ice-cream at daily scoop with naz!
-Hari Raya at Naz's place :)
- Dinner at Botak Jones with the guys
- Started my first day at The Daily Scoop! 
- Wedding dinner at Orchid Country Club
- chilling out at Jurong Hill :)
- met my dear duckie at westmall! :D
- Claire's birthday surprise at her place
- gummies at tiong bahru plaza :)
- L4D with the supper gang! 

Caught a few movies too! Phobia 2 (which was really bad), Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs in 3D!, Tokyo Sonata, and 500 Days of Summer. :)  All of them, other than Phobia 2, were really great movies! 

So, i've worked for 4 days at Daily Scoop now, and i quite like being a scoopie, as what Sean would call it. :)  Its a great feeling to be able to pass that scoop of ice-cream over to someone, and make their day with yummy ice-cream! I've also met some really nice ppl, and i really thank them for being so patient and kind to me, esp when i make blunders. :)  I love the people at work too! They are such nice ppl. All in all, i'm having fun working there, and i'm loving this experience. Oh! and i love it when i see familiar faces coming to the shop. it was such a coincidence to see deborah, my best friend in pri sch the other day. I also wanna thank ppl like naz, zuoyuan, ben, ziwei and deuel for coming to eat ice-cream, and make my day at work. :) 


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