Merry Christmas!


As usual, it has been such a long time since i've posted something here. Twitter is just so much more convenient! :P

Its almost the end of 2009! It has been an awesome year- traveling to Buffalo and spending near to 5 months there, finally graduating from University at Buffalo, found my first full-time job with a digital advertising company, and went on a short 3 days trip to Guangzhou! Plus, all the lovely meet-ups with all my friends, the creation of the B.E.E. Family, and not forgetting the sweetest times with my precious bf! :)

In short, 2009 was a wonderful and fruitful year for me! How about you? :)

Time to come up with some new year resolutions! (and of course, to stick to them!!)
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girly time ♥

finally met up with my dear duckie after so long! although we have been seeing each other quite often from all the bees outing, duckie time is different! :)

we settled on korean food in Chinatown for dinner, but we met up earlier, so we went for high tea at TCC first! shared a frappe and waffles, and chit chatted our time away. so hard to get updates from this girl, finally managed to dig out stuff from her. ;)

jess then brought me to the korean place where she recommended. especially loved the spicy tofu soup and fried pork dumplings! :D after dinner, we were so stuffed, so we walked around Chinatown, and started cam-happying! hee.

oh yes, i finally passed duckie her birthday present. hahaha. it has been sooo long. LOL. Hope you like the present, my dear! :)

when i'm booooored.

Im currently waiting with my dad at NUH. He had to go for a scan in the morning (which didnt go very smoothly); now waiting for his consulation at 2pm. I am so bored. After what happened this morning, im a little doubtful. :/

On a lighter note, i finally met up with Naz. We've been talking about meeting up since i came back from Buffalo, and i finally passed the bull to him. :) we had jap food for dinner at Vivo as planned. Thanks so much for the treat Naz, my treat next time! We then headed to some place near Prive at keppel to chill. Zuoyuan joined us a little later, and we had fun just talking and catching up. We should do something like this again soon! :)

Yesterday, zy and i finally completed our walk at the Southern Ridges, mainly from Henderson Waves to Hort Park. Although it wasnt a very long walk, the sun was scorching and the weather was enough to tire me out lol. Say hello to Miss Unfit. :p nevertheless, the company made the walk an enjoyable one.

Oh yes, finally managed to try the Marmite chicken that zy has been talking about! Yumyum :D


Alright, 10mins have passed by. Another 1 hour to go. Im back to being bored.

starting afresh

Okay, i realized that i haven't been blogging since March. That's like what, 5 months ago? o.0 Since the last post, too much has happened, and i'm gonna start afresh, and start blogging frequently all over again! Just a few quick updates, i've been back in Singapore for about 3 months now (and i'm missing Buffalo terribly!!), i've GRADUATED, and i'm currently unemployed. Too much happened in Buffalo, and i guess the pictures on Facebook speak a million words :) 

My last Summer semester in SIM-UB was stressful. Psycholinguistics, Sensation & Perception, and Learning and Memory were 3 KILLER modules, but i had awesome classmates to help me out during study sessions, and most importantly, the bf for spurring me on during those long hours of studying in Macs/Starbucks. :)  Oh man, I miss school already. I miss hanging out with all my dear UBers. 

it has been 3 weeks since graduation. I've been job-hunting, enjoying my break, spending time with the bf, and catching up with everyone. Wish such relaxing times would last longer, but at the same time, i need $$! Hoping to find a suitable job soon. *keeping fingers crossed*

Till next time! 

its been too long!

Gosh. I realized I haven't been updating this blog for a whole 2 months! I promise i'll be back soon to update more about my life here in Buffalo! In a blink of an eye, 2 months has past, and in just another 7 weeks or so, i'll be back in Singapore! I'm experiencing mixed feelings about it. As much as I miss Singapore, the people, the food, and a lot of other things, I'm really enjoying the awesome weather here. Its really comfortable and i really enjoy wearing a sweater out. :) I'm also enjoying the school life here. The teachers here are fun and interesting, and i love the campus. (definitely incomparable to SIM haha!)

Alright, enough said. I shall elaborate more really, really soon! :D  

The Buffalo Experience.

I've been in Buffalo for almost 3 weeks now, and it definitely has been a unique experience for me. Living all alone, away from my family and friends, away from familiarity, learning how to be independent, cooking my own meals, doing my own laundry, getting used to the cold and just being in a whole new environment. I am very thankful and lucky to have so many awesome friends here with me to help me through, to guide me along and to help me with uncertainty. :) 

This semester, i'm taking 5 modules, but all my lessons only fall on tuesdays and thursdays, which means i have 4 classes a day. Its a good and bad thing i guess. its good because i have a lot of free time to study or do other stuff, but its bad because that would mean all my deadlines and exams will fall on the same days. I'll really need a lot of self-discipline to not procrastinate and do my work at the very last minute. 

Oh and i was really, really lucky to be able to get an apartment in Southlake Village! I only applied for it when i got here, and i'm really, really thankful. :)  I was supposed to stay off-campus with Naz and Angeline at a comms lecturer's place, but due to certain circumstances, it ended up being too dangerous to stay off-campus, so yup. 

Since i got here, some of the interesting things that happened would be our little trip to Niagara Falls during the first week here, and the 3D2N trip to NEW YORK CITY, THE CITY THAT NEVER SLEEPS! Niagara Falls was really pretty and majestic, but it was such a pity that the Maid of the Mist boat tour isn't operating during winter, so we didn't get to see the falls up-close :(  NYC was really fun, and i'd really love to visit the place again someday. Some of the prominent places that we visited were Times Square, M&M's World, Hershey's World, Central Park, Rockefeller Center, Grand Central Terminal, Brooklyn Bridge, Chinatown, Statue of Liberty, the Financial District, and SOHO for shopping! It was so much fun fun fun! :D

Here are the links to my pictures on Facebook. Enjoy! :)
Niagara Falls-
NYC Day One-
NYC Day Two & Three-

Oh yes! i've been cooking quite a bit, and it has been quite enjoyable. Stay tuned to my cooking creations through here! :D

I'm missing so much in Singapore! My family, my boyfriend, duckie, babes, gummie, mytriplejs, and every single one of you! I'm missing the local food too!! I'm not going to list any out because it will only make me start thinking of it and missing it even more lol. 

Alright, till next time, take care you all! <3

All in one.

 Once again, I've been really busy/lazy to blog! Its been two weeks since i last updated, and i've so much to talk about! BUT i think i'm just gonna be lazy again. lol.

Here's what i've done for the past 2 weeks:
- afternoon tea + ice-cream at daily scoop with naz!
-Hari Raya at Naz's place :)
- Dinner at Botak Jones with the guys
- Started my first day at The Daily Scoop! 
- Wedding dinner at Orchid Country Club
- chilling out at Jurong Hill :)
- met my dear duckie at westmall! :D
- Claire's birthday surprise at her place
- gummies at tiong bahru plaza :)
- L4D with the supper gang! 

Caught a few movies too! Phobia 2 (which was really bad), Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs in 3D!, Tokyo Sonata, and 500 Days of Summer. :)  All of them, other than Phobia 2, were really great movies! 

So, i've worked for 4 days at Daily Scoop now, and i quite like being a scoopie, as what Sean would call it. :)  Its a great feeling to be able to pass that scoop of ice-cream over to someone, and make their day with yummy ice-cream! I've also met some really nice ppl, and i really thank them for being so patient and kind to me, esp when i make blunders. :)  I love the people at work too! They are such nice ppl. All in all, i'm having fun working there, and i'm loving this experience. Oh! and i love it when i see familiar faces coming to the shop. it was such a coincidence to see deborah, my best friend in pri sch the other day. I also wanna thank ppl like naz, zuoyuan, ben, ziwei and deuel for coming to eat ice-cream, and make my day at work. :)